Valerie Robinson

"Now My Kids Try to Keep Up With Me!"

As a nurse, Valerie Robinson's extra weight made her joints and her knees ache as she made her rounds to care for her patients. At only 38, Valerie's weight led to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux disease and sleep apnea.  She knew that losing weight would improve her quality of life, so in April 2006, Valerie had gastric-bypass surgery with Dr. Jeffrey Lord at Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center.

Six years later, she is maintaining a total weight loss of 100 pounds and is wearing a slender size 10, instead of her old size 24 clothes.

"I like the new me. Now I have way more energy," says Valerie, who no longer suffers from her former health issues. "I love kickboxing with my friends using my pink leather boxing gloves. My kids used to get tired of waiting for me because I was always so slow and tired. Now they have to keep up with me -- they tell me to slow down."

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