Pam Adams

"Now I'm Living Life to the Fullest"

Not long ago, Pam Adams of Defuniak Springs felt like an old woman. She was 43 years old, 5'5" tall, and weighed 295 pounds. She was taking 24 different medications to treat a host of weight-related conditions. Several strokes diminished her eyesight and balance, and she wore an external insulin pump to manage acute diabetes. Pam became severely depressed and lost all hope of a better life.

In November 2010, when Pam came to Pensacola to have gastric-bypass surgery at Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center, bariatric surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Lord told her she was the sickest patient he had ever treated. Dr. Lord's staff taught Pam how to modify her diet and lifestyle, and after surgery, Pam began to see success as she carefully followed their instructions.

Now, just 18 months after surgery, Pam has lost a total of 145 pounds and is much healthier and happier. She is free from all of her medications and is loving her second chance at life. These days, she can be found walking seven miles a day or taking 25–mile bike rides with her husband, Gregg, on their tandem bicycle.

"I thank God for Dr. Lord and his staff," says Pam, who now shares her story to encourage others who are considering weight-loss surgery.

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