Sonny Wooten

"Now I Have Energy To Enjoy Life!"

"I was tired of doing the yo-yo diet to try to control my diabetes," remembers Lewis "Sonny" Wooten. " I would gain back everything that I had lost." That's when he decided to pursue gastric-bypass surgery at Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center.

Since July 2008, Sonny has lost 120 pounds, he no longer suffers from diabetes, and his 52" waist has slimmed down to 32." He is one of four members of his family to undergo weight-loss surgery. Together, they have lost more than 500 pounds.

Now Sonny can spend his retirement doing the important things – like deer hunting with his grandson. "He used to be worried that I wouldn't be able to climb the ladder stand to our deer blind. Now I can carry that ladder stand!" says Sonny. "I feel like I have the energy of a 20-year-old. I'm wide open!"

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