Michal Lewis

"Weight-Loss Surgery Changed my Life!"

“I knew I was a heart attack waiting to happen,” says Michal Lewis of Crestview. At her heaviest, the 4’9” schoolteacher and mother of five weighed 275 pounds and had a BMI of 60. “My legs hurt, I was short of breath, and I had no zeal for life,” she remembers.  

In April 2011, Michal had gastric-bypass surgery at Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center in Pensacola. In just more than a year, she has lost 125 pounds and is now wearing a size 6 instead of her former size 24 clothes.

“Weight-loss surgery changed my life – it was a blessing in so many ways,” says Michal, who uses her newfound confidence as an inspirational speaker and singer at women’s events.

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