Meet Dr. David MARTIN


David Martin, MD

David Martin, MD, is an internal medicine physician who also specializes in weight management and nutrition. As a board-certified bariatrician, Dr. Martin treats overweight and obese patients with diet, nutrition, exercise, behavioral therapy and/or appropriate medications.

Dr. Martin is the medical director of Sacred Heart Medical Group’s Weight Management & Nutrition program. He and his staff develop individualized weight-loss plans to help each of his patients reap the physical and emotional benefits that result from weight loss.

Dr. Martin believes weight loss is a key to preventing many other health difficulties, such as joint pain, back problems, heart disease, cancer and more. He also knows that successful weight loss and weight management are the result of a partnership between physician and patient.

“We are here to support our patients, design a plan for them, advise them and help them to be accountable. But, it’s the patient who must follow the routine we prescribe,” says Dr. Martin. “Each plan we create is individually customized because each person is unique; there really is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ weight-loss program. We look at your family history; the medications you are taking that may cause weight gain, and other factors. Also, there may be other health issues, such as sleep apnea or thyroid problems, that need to be addressed first.”

Physician-Supervised Weight-Loss Trials

Dr. Martin also works closely with the Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center to help patients prepare for bariatric surgery. He is very familiar with the weight-loss trials required by most insurance carriers. He helps patients set realistic goals of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, and then documents patients’ success or failure to lose weight by these traditional methods.

Dr. Martin is a valuable resource both before and after bariatric surgery to help patients learn how to adjust their diet to meet their weight-loss goals while fulfilling their nutritional needs.

To learn more about Dr. Martin or to schedule an appointment, please call 850-416-4960 or visit his online profile.

Dr. Martin's office is located in the Gulf Coast Medical Arts Center at 4501 North Davis Hwy., Suite C, in Pensacola. Download map.